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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Living In My mother's Basement: Blog Break

Well I decided to take a blog break for the time being.  I have a job for the next few weeks sucking dirt and crap out of sewers and so I really do not have time like I used to for writing this blog.  I will probable be able to restart this blog back up when schools starts because I will probably not be working when  school time rolls around.

Just if you are wondering, I am doing good and excited to have something productive to do for the next few weeks.  My job starts at 6:00 in the morning and ends at 7:00 at night.  therefore my work day is 13 hours and I really do not have time to do anything else at all.    I do need the money and so it is worth it though I am tired.  When last saturday rolled around it never seemed so good.  Friday night I did not have energy to do anything except eat, shower, rest on the couch for a bit, and then go to bed.

I now look at weather reports more closely and hope that it is cloudy and cool each and every day.  That sun gets really hot when I am standing outside for hours.  I bought a cheap Wal-Mart pair of boots for work and they are crappy.  Every afternoon while at work my feet are on fire.  I think that they will be okay though because when I check my feet they are not edible yet and so I think that is a good thing.

Today is Sunday, it has been decent.  Church was enjoyable, good talks and such.  After church we had an ice cream linger longer.  I love ice cream it makes me happy!  Hopefully you all are doing well and have many opportunities to eat ice cream in the near future.  I am going to rest now.  See  Ya all later.  If I get time I will try and blog but I am not making any promises.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Living in my Mother's Basement: WK 11 Cool Beans, Spiders, and Waterfalls

guess which temple?
The key to happiness lies in what you do.  Without doing you go nowhere.  Just thinking and desiring something is not enough.  You must get off your butt and do it.  Often the thing that you got to do is challenging and hard.  Hence, it takes effort and sometimes it takes going out of your comfort zone to accomplish the task.  In the moment of decision it may not seem like an enjoyable task to take on but in the end happiness will come, but not until the challenge is first overcome through sacrifice and effort.

I often hope for things to get accomplished that I have a hard time doing such as getting my car cleaned, finding a job, finding someone to give me a nice back massage every night for the next 50 years, you know just the usual.  These things probably as an end result will not bring happiness(except for the back massage) but the things that I had to do along the way to achieve the results will.  Take for instance the nightly back massage, it takes a lot of sweat and tears to find someone willing to massage my back every night.  Along the way I learn many things about myself and about finding such a person.  I have discovered which persons have the right hands and elbows to best perform the task.  I learn who has the right amount of patience, fortitude, and kindness. I learn to appreciate all those who try but just aren't there yet.   I now have valuable knowledge that will stay with me forever.  Because of all my hard work, those massages now will mean so much more.

Sometimes challenges are caused by yourself and sometimes they are caused by others and sometimes they just happen such as when lightning strikes you, or your house falls on you due to it being on a sandy beach, or maybe a bear eats you, just to name a few.  Challenges can cause happiness or can cause the opposite effect of unhappiness.  Interesting,  so if that is true what makes the difference.  How can a challenge bring happiness as supposed to unhappiness.  The key my friends who don't live in your mother's basement is knowing who you are/attitude.  Whats your attitude? Are you blaming others or yourself for your problems?  Are you working and wanting to beat the challenges in the face or are you trying to find a path around them?  Challenges are always in front of us, we just got to kick them in the face and enjoy doing it. So know who you are and then go and do.

I have enjoyed kicking the challenge of not working in the face.  I have been able to rest more and clear my mind.  I am learning new perspectives on life and enjoying the process for the most part.  I have read books that I otherwise would have never read and now I have new knowledge that I otherwise would have never gained, like what a Mocking Jay is.  The challenge of meeting new people is fun, I guess.  There are a lot of good people out there believe it or not. 
This is a spider that lives with me, he cool!
So I have a new pet spider and its name is creepy.  This particular spider lives in my bathroom, at night it loves to hang down from the shower.  Whenever I see it I say hi to it and it acknowledges me by not doing anything.  I can now walk right up to the spider and it will just sit there.  We respect each other.  My mom does not like it but whatever, nothing will come between me and my spider.
The "real" waterfall at Adam's Canyon

Yesterday I hiked Adams Canyon with the my Elder's Quorum.  Apparently. the last time I hiked up Adams canyon I did not go far enough.  In fact, there happens to be a very nice waterfall at the top of Adams Canyon that I seemed to have forgotten about.  I had been to the waterfall before but it had been so long that I had forgotten about it.  When I hiked up a couple of months ago I stopped at a waterfall that was small but it satisfied my needs and I accepted it as the Adam's Canyon waterfall.  So last night when we made it to the real waterfall I was really excited to be there and I went up to the waterfall and got wet and dang it felt good!  I may have to go up again, soon.

Being that it is summer I hope that everyone is doing fun things such as vacationing, having BBQ's, playing lots of sports, enjoying the outdoors, and basking in the sunshine.  This is certainly a great time of year, I wish I had a job and that I could afford to move out of my mother's basement but hey, it could be worst it could be winter.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Living in my Mother's Basement Wk 9-10: Tis the Season

I skipped my blog last week due to the holiday called the 4th of July.  That is my excuse at least, it is not because I was lazy or anything like that.  I don't know what it means to be lazy, I have a full time job of looking for a job and I do it for free.  My 4th of July started with a 5k fun run that really was not very fun.  My goal was to run the 5k in under 22 minutes, I did not make it, though I did come close at 22 minutes and 30 seconds.  The same time I got last year when I ran the race.  I probably would have ran better but I was lacking energy considerably that morning and maybe should have gone to bed a bit earlier.  The first half of the run went well, I ran with ease and confidence but as the second half of the race came about, the course  turned to uphill which was the start of my downhill.  The last half of the run was a fight, a fight to finish and a fight not to throw up.  It was a relief as I returned back onto the track and rounded to the finish line.  In hindsight, not sure why I ran the 5k, I did not get a thing for my efforts except for a t-shirt.  I got another t-shirt in the parade and all I had to do was sit there.   I even had to pay $30 to enter the race.  Pay to run, what a novel idea and for some reason it works.  If I had run a half marathon or even a marathon I probably would have had to pay more.  No wonder people are getting more fat!  Pay to run, novel idea.

Yes, this is my face at the parade
After the race, I helped a new girl move into the ward and then I went back to Kaysville for the parade.  The parade was a moshpit, I did well to fight off all the kids who came between me and the candy being thrown out at the parade.  Without the candy there would be no reason to attend the parade.  A parade around these parts is just an hour long advertisement, all the local dance studios and eateries and dentists and yogurt shops all advertising as we all watch with glee like this is a once in a year opportunity to find out about where to eat for lunch or go to the dentist.  

In the afternoon we had our traditional family and friends BBQ.  After the parade, I was wasted and as soon as I got home I laid down on the couch in the nice cool basement and fell asleep.  After about 10 minutes of sleeping I wake up to my mom yelling at me to get outside and setup for the BBQ.  We still had two hours but I still had to go setup right then.  So I sleep walked outside and pulled out some tables and chairs and began to fill the swimming pools for the kids.  The 4th was a tiring day...
Best part of the parade!
The BBQ lasted from 4 to 8 and then we headed to the fireworks back in the retched city of the high and mighty Kaysville.  I must say I do miss seeing all the weirdos that attend the Layton fireworks, you know the type of people that you did not know existed untill they finally crawl out of there caves for the 4th of July.  They don't seem to have those in Kaysville.  I think it is because Kaysville people are racist against people that live in caves.  Anyways, the fireworks were good and the local authorities made us sing happy birthday to America.  It seemed a bit strange but whatever, nothing like singing happy birthday to the dirt I am laying on.

Job searching is still a continuous event in my life.  I may find a job someday, I think my next step is to search my family line for a rich uncle that will hire me on somewhere.   Today I applied at Intermountain Healthcare for a Human Resource opening.  I have applied 4 times before, never have got an interview but hey, maybe this time will be different.    Last week some company offered me a job without interviewing me,  the English was not very good in the email and I decided that it probably was not in my best interest to take the job.  The other day I went to what I thought was an interview with Whipple Plumbing and Heating.  When I got there I noticed other people dressed up arriving as well, that is when I decided that this interview was going to be odd, and it was.  40 people at the interview, I sat for 2 hours filling out a 10 page application and waiting for my turn to be asked 2 questions.  I had to listen to everyone else get questioned also.  It was an enjoyable experience, thank you MR. Whipple!
Advertisement #85, now I know where to get my car washed
other things going on in my life are church stuff galore and sports.  I have been able to play tennis a bit more as of late, which has been nice.  I also have been going to church softball.  My team is not great but they try, whenever the other team hits the ball into the outfield it is always fun to watch our players run up as the ball flies 15 feet over there head.  We have fun, we just are not so good.  I also have had chances to play basketball, my shot has been good the last few weeks, so everybody better watch out!

War vets, aren't they cool!

nieces and nephew waiting for candy
The other day my mom was sweating and she decided that she wanted to tell me about her menopause to explain her hotness.  Needless to say I did not really want to talk about her menopause or her hotness.  Maybe I should be a better son and talk more openly about things like that, I don't know. Speaking of hotness, I still am going to the gym just have not been able to make it to my favorite strength conditioning classes with the crazy instructor.  My pants are getting more loose as of late and so I take that as a good sign.  Maybe I can get a job in Vegas now as a Chippendale.  No, I am too hot for that now to.

Well Peeps I must say that things are going, where they are going I do not know but they are.  Someday I will emerge out of my mother's basement and move back out into the real world.  Until then, this blog will keep on rolling along and you all will know everything you ever wanted about surviving and thriving in your mother's basement.  Peace!!!

Just waiting for fireworks, Yippee!