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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Living in my Mothers Basement: The End of the Blog is Near

The Fall weather has arrived and with the Fall weather comes the fall of this blog. Ha ha get it, the fall of this blog.  You know because I am getting married and moving out of the basement. Okay that was dumb.  But in all seriousness, I will have to begin a new blog.  I am up for suggestions for the new blog title.  My ideas are as follows:  Me and Bailee plus zero, Living in the attic with a wife,  Life Out of the basement, All you ever wanted to know about Bailee(JK she would kill me), Me and Bailee take on Fruit Heights, Chillin with Bailee in the Attic, or Newlyweds  finally out of the basement, for now.  Or whatever else you guys may suggest.

This Fall marks the first of many random things such as my first 26th birthday( that's old).  My first Fall with Bailee/getting married( oh precious),  being jobless(oh wait I already am).  Maybe it will mark getting my first job that does not involve cleaning a bathroom.  Or maybe the first time that I clean a bathroom in my own house.  It may also mark the first time that I depend on public transportation if my car breaks down again.  The great thing about life is that it is always changing.

 So with wedding preparations, one of the things that Bailee and company AKA the mom are doing is sewing all the flower girl dresses and creating the wedding dress.  With this, I sometimes get dragged along by Bailee as she does her shopping thing.  I don't know if you people have ever been to a craft store such as JoAnn's before, but they are a whole new world to me.  I felt like I was at a fast food restaurant for women.  The first thing you do when you go is grab a number.  Without this number you can't get service at the cutting table.  You then walk around the store gathering your sewing stuff waiting for your number to be called over the intercom system.  If you miss your turn then back of the line you go.  If people at the cutting table are taking too long, you can almost feel the female anger building as they wait their turn.  JoAnn's can be dangerous, they really need a security guard to monitor all the women competing for materials and spots in line.  I did not really enjoy the experience, I left hungry.  They have no food at the store.  But they did have some smelly scents floating around the store that somewhat satisfied my desire to possibly eat something,

Recently Bailee and I got are engagement photos taken.  What an experience! I finally got to fulfill my life long dream of being a super model.   Anyway I pose just seems to look good.  Afterwards when my mom was looking over the photos she said that Bailee looked very comfortable in the pictures and that I did not look as comfortable.  Essentially, I was the prop in the pictures.  That is what happens when you get your photo taken with Bailee, she steals the show.  I still think that I am super model material though.  My mom still loves me she just thinks that Bailee is much better looking than I.

I thought that my car was invincible that it would last forever, but recently things have stopped working on the car.  First it was the alternator, then it was the emissions, then it was a fuel injector, now the starter.  I am learning a lot about cars.  Quite interesting but expensive at the same time.  I like my car too much to throw it away though.  okay not really, I just tell myself that since I have no money to buy a new car.  I drove my mom's car yesterday, it was so nice I could almost live in it.

In other news, though I sucked up Creepy's web she still lives on.  I saw her last night just hangin in the shower looking nice and plump.  School is going well, I finished my first two classes and have now begun my second two classes of the semester.  I am somewhat getting used to 3 hour classes.  I do have to stop once in awhile and play some calculator games to give my head a relief.  Or just think of something else like what I just ate for dinner or what I am going to eat for dessert when I get home. 

Halloween is soon upon us.  I like halloween!  Candy, scariness, decorations, etc...  I am not sure what I will do for halloween this year, probably just sip some cider and eat a candy bar and call it good.  It depends on what Bailee wants to do I suppose, she did go trick or treating recently, so maybe she will want to go again.  If this occurs, I will be the scariest Jason that I can be.  I will scare candy out of everyone I meet.  You better believe it.

 On a final note, I must say that I sure do like sports!  I like tennis though hitting backhand is awkward, I like basketball and Bailee will like it too very soon, I like football though all the college teams I like are mediocre this year, and I like watching anything that is sports.  I think that my mom gets annoyed when I watch channel 5.2 universal sports during lunch or dinner when we are eating.  Apparently she does not enjoy Rugby and track and field as much as I do.  Gymnastics was on the other day I watched a lot of that, I watched a lot of diving last week, and this week ice skating has been showing.  Dang, I need ESPN and fast.
Anyhow enjoy you week!  This blog will not always be this random.
Peace to all and to all a good week

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  1. I think you're engagement picture looks awesome! Joann's can be a crazy place. I am glad you guys have survived thus far. Good luck with the remainder of your wedding plans and such.