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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Living in my mother's basement: searching, planning, praying, etc...

Windows with paint on them, Brilliant!
          The days keep on flowing right along, I feel like they go by too quickly.  I am not working and I still feel like I do not have enough time in the day to get the things done that I want to get done.  I started writing in my planner a couple of days ago and that has caused me to do some unusual things.  for example, yesterday I cleaned my room.  A bit out of the ordinary for me, I usually just move stuff around and call it good.  I do things like push all the clothes off my bed so I have somewhere to sleep.  I skoot crap into the corner so I have somewhere to pray.  I stuff things under my bed and pile papers and books up on my shelves.  Well, I worked on cleaning all of that up and so it is better now. I will not have to clean it for another 3 months at least.  I even cleaned the bathroom yesterday including sucking up all the dead carcasses of spiders underneath creepy's hut in the shower.  I did not suck up Creepy though because she only comes out at night and it was the day time.  She is probably not happy with me right now, but I had to do it because someone came and looked at the shower yesterday to get an estimate and frankly the pile of dead spiders was kinda embarrassing.  I didn't mind it though and creepy did not mind it either I suppose.

 Conference weekend went great.  I kept hoping that Elder Yamashita would get to speak and he did and I was there at the conference center to see it.  He reminded me of how great it was to serve in Japan and be around those great people, and be a part of that culture.  I also liked Elder Scott's talk on the scriptures, I feel that I must now study a little better, and  gain some new prophet friends.  I am not a big memorizing person but if Elder Scott thinks it is necessary, then I shall do.  Elder Andersen's talk made me ponder whether or not Bailee and I should stick with our goal of  10-15 kids in the future or  bump are goal up to 20. 

Creepy is not going to be happy
As far as wedding stuff goes, Bailee is working on a wedding dress with her mom(good luck with that mom).  We have maybe settled on a place for a reception and we have maybe found a place to live and so we are maybe a little bit closer to figuring things out.  We did find a photographer and we did just change are wedding date to the 19th of November.  Just could not wait until the 22nd.  It will be on a Saturday and probably will work out a little better for everyone involved.

Bailee and I checked out a few apartments this weekend.  The first one we didn't like at all, The second one we liked okay it was doable and cheap, but the third one was pimp.  The third place we checked out was an apartment above a four car garage that is fairly new, fully furnished, part of a 1.5 million dollar house, and is very spacious.  The neighborhood and location is awesome too.  Hopefully they let us move in to the place, otherwise it will be sad. The best part is that I will not be in a basement, I will be in a roof!  I always wanted to live in a roof.  The only thing the apartment is missing is a big jetted tub, I was actually surprised when I walked into the bathroom and did not see one.

The job search is going okay.  I have a job interview on Monday and so hopefully that  turns out to be something.  Living in the basement is still good.  I have not gone crazy yet.  The dogs have only peed on my bed 3 times now. I very much do look forward to change and getting out of the basement soon and getting married of course, to my LLB.  You all may wonder what LLB stands for, but you will never know.  You can guess though in the comment section.  Hint(the B may or may not stand for Bailee)
Well,  that is it for now!  Love you all!


  1. This is really tawny by the way :)

  2. I loved loved loved your Thanksgiving themed reception idea in your last post. And seriously, I can't believe you wasted bananas by throwing them at your ceiling. That roof apartment sounds awesome and I hope you guys get it. And no worries that it's missing a tub. Unless you have babies, tubs are completely superfluous. And when you start having kids (especially if your goal is 20) you're going to need more than an over-the-garage apartment. I'm excited to see you guys on Saturday!