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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Living In My Mother's basement: Part 2 Things Are Changing

My blogging hiatus is now over, it has been too long and I miss writing randomly about my life in the basement.  It has been many weeks since I last blogged and now I should have lots of material to discuss.  You may think that I probably have a job by now, but I don't i did actually for a month but school ended my pursuit of being a professional sewer cleaner.  Yes I am back in college and yes I am at Weber State University.  I feel that I am moving back in time, I am now back to age 19 when I took Weber State night classes before my mission.  Essentially, a few more months and I will be back in high school.   Oh good times! except my friends will not be there and so it will probably be a different experience.  I will probably become Mr Lancer instead of Braden now that I have gained the proper skills. Bu ha ha!

I pretty much am a pro at archery
My sewer hole sucking job was awesome!  I would wake up at 5 in the morning, waddle out of bed, make my sack lunch consisting of peanut butter and honey along with a few other essentials, and then stick my bright green shirt with reflectors on before heading out the door.  The day would consist of driving to a location more often then not in a dirt field wherein we would pull the truck up to where we think a water or utility line should be and then we would start water blasting and sucking up the dirt as we blasted our way down into the earth.  It was kind of like digging for oil, sometimes we would find something sometimes we wouldn't.  I was always ticked when we didn't find anything cause it would take like 2 hours and then we would just have to start over.  I was the person of our two man crew designated to get muddy.  I held the tube that blasted the ground as the muddy water splattered all over me.  It made me feel a bit cool though actually, especially when I would walk into Artic Circle at lunch and would get the biggest stare among all the construction workers that were eating there.  I would just think, "Ya that's right,  Who da Man."  When we weren't digging aimlessly for holes we sucked out gutter drains and some sewer cleaning.  That was not too bad unless I dropped the sewer lid down into the sewer, then it was kinda crappy fetching the 80LB lid up and out of the hole. 

Logan Temple located on a hill built back in the 1800's
My mom is still alive and kicking she and I often eat lunch together and talk about the weather and such.  Her main complaint with me at the moment, besides then not having a job, is that I need to clean my room.  She says that I can't get married until I clean my room.  I say okay maybe I should clean it then.  I will do it tomorrow, maybe. She left me for a week back in August to visit my brother's family in Denver including my new niece Cara.  During that week it was my special responsibility to watch the dogs.  This included feeding them morning and night, if the dogs were inside I had to make sure that the back doggy door was shut and that Reggie's diaper was on.  When I let the dogs out i would have to take the diaper off the dog, shut the gates keeping them from peeing around the house, and open the doggy door.  At night the dogs would sleep with me on my bed.  I did not know that dogs could steal sheets during the night but they do.

School is cool I guess.  I am back to being forced to learn.  It is strange not being at Utah State.  I miss the commotion of being on campus that lacks at Weber State Davis.  My teachers are pretty chill which I like and they seem legit.  I currently have an ethics/leadership class and a finance class.   I am taking 3 hour night classes, I do good for the first hour and a half but the last hour and a half is blah.  My mind goes to another place and I become quickly worthless and brainless. I start thinking about  a certain someone,football, and whats for dinner.  Speaking of football, isn't it great!  I like sports!

spider couple in love
Other interesting facts that have occurred:  One night I entered my bathroom and there were now two spiders living in my shower.  I wondered if they were in love and so I decided to leave them be. I took a picture of the two love birds.  On the exercise front,  I still go to the gym once in awhile but not at quite the vigorous pace as previously.  I just do not want to get slow and fat, I need to be able to kick butt at basketball still.

To close this issue of my blog I will just say that change is occurring in my life and I look forward to the future with great excitement!  I hope that everyone is doing well with school, new babies, and work!
Have you seen this before?

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  1. Love it love it. I am so glad you're back! Good luck with classes and that special someone.

    P.S. Your job sounds like it was pretty fun. Way to be "da man" at Arctic Circle during lunch. I bet all those other construction boys were quite jealous of a real man.