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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Living In My Mother's Basement: School, Being Productive, Wedding Prep,

The time has come that I find a job, it will happen soon perhaps, of course I said this 3 months previous also, and 3 months before that.  I may have to start like begging soon by visiting businesses with cookies, I don't know.  Looking for jobs reminds me a lot of searching for people to teach on the mission.  First off, looking for jobs online is like housing.  I can find jobs to submit my resume to every day online but nothing ever happens.  Housing in Japan was the same way and in both cases I don't get to talk face to face with the people.  In Japan, often we just talked through a speaker phone with a camera placed next to it.  We called this speaker phone a "kekko" box.  Kekko is the word that the Japanese would use to say that they are okay and don't want to listen.  It was a very nice way to say we don't like you, yet we heard it a lot and I always enjoyed hearing new methods of rejection that didn't include the word kekko.  If anything else at least it expanded my vocabulary.  Streeting was always fun on the mission especially in Tokyo.  Did not have a whole lot of luck streeting either except for  here or there.  At least we got to talk to people in the flesh and see some smiles.  I have not done a lot of job streeting, maybe I will try it, I am just not sure where to start.  Referrals were definitely the best resource for finding people to teach.  If we had decent people to teach it was always through referrals.  I have had some referrals in the job hunting process but I would like some more and I feel that ultimately that is how I will find a job but who knows.  I just need a job that will give me experience to get me started.  I have limited my options to gaining a job in my career field, I may need to look at that and tweak it a bit.

Wedding plans are on there way to a point.  We have a wedding date and we have ideas of what we want to do but nothing is set in stone yet.  I am thinking that since the wedding is close to Thanksgiving that we should have a Thanksgiving themed reception including replacing the traditional cake with a big fat turkey and holding the reception in a field.  The servers will be dressed as Indians or pilgrims and Bailee can be dressed as Pocahontas or Sacajawea and I can be Christopher Columbus or John smith or something to the sort.  Dessert will be cornbread and pumpkin pie with some warm fresh cow milk. So good!

Hey, It is Bailee and I.
Football season is fully underway, Utah State has crushed my soul twice in three games already.  Sports make me so mad sometimes, I remember when the Jazz were playing the Bulls in the Finals they were losing the game and I got ticked and started throwing my bananas all over the basement.  The cool thing is that they stuck to the ceiling and everything.  My mom was not happy with me.  I was not happy with the Jazz, I blame the Jazz.  Utah State's losses have been ridiculous.  The games go like this, the Aggies go up by many points, wait until there is 2 minutes left in the game, then they hand the ball to the other team and say go score and we will keep giving you the ball back until you win, sound good? and they say yes and that is that.  Needless to say, I try not to eat bananas so much anymore and Bailee probably won't let me even if I wanted too.

Last week Bailee and I got to spend time with a former mission companion of mine and was able to see his wife and new baby and hang out with him at temple square and at Braza Grill.   It was a good time, he was a great companion on the mission and he is inspiring to me.  I always enjoy meeting up with old friends.  Also,kj I must say that Brazilian food is good and even tastes better the second time, sometimes even the third.

guess where I took this picture?
 I am currently taking a business ethics class and a corporate finance class at Weber State University.  I have mentioned this before but it is just about the only productive thing I do these days.  I am learning some new things, so far most of the material has been a review of my undergrad coursework.  I have learned that ethics is really about making the best decision in every circumstance and that best decision comes through experience and personal values.  I am learning from finance that I really don't like numbers that much and that companies financial statements are crazy.  You have to dig deep to understand if a company is doing good or bad.  It seems that accountants may have more of an interesting job than I first thought.

Bear Lake without a beach
To end, I just want to leave with a few thoughts that I have had such as life in the basement has not been as bad as I thought it would be.  I don't really like it but it has not killed me yet. My mom is a good roommate she cooks, goes grocery shopping, tells me when I am being messy, and lets me know when I am slacking.  The singles ward has been fun,  a bit of an adjustment from the college ward, but it has been good.  It has been challenging as well in many ways which I did not really expect it to be.  Since being home I have grown more than I thought I would.  I would prefer to grow vertically though any day.  There is never a day to rest even jobless as I am.  Always a responsibility, always something that I need to do.  I am glad that I have a bad memory so as to get over all the mistakes I have made.  Working out is a good thing but eating is too, I like to do both and so I decided that I am just staying balanced in life.  That is the key to life, or so I heard!  Have an enjoyable week you all!  I look forward to seeing you soon.


  1. I hope you don't have any bananas handy tonight after another crushing Aggie loss in the last minute. (Though I would have loved to see an angry Jason throwing a banana tantrum!) Also, if you have Pocahontas and John Smith wedding I'll be sure to come dressed like Meeko and will teach you how to plant corn.

  2. Dont you mean Native Americans:)