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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Living in my Mother's Basement: Wk 8 I am blue with some white and I like yellow depending

I am a bit stuck these days as to what I can write about in my blog.  What can I write that will be entertaining? What can I write that will interest the reader?  What are the important things to focus on?   What really makes this all difficult is my inability to remember much of what has happened in my life the past week or whatever time has past.  My memory is not the best, I need to eat more vegetables or something I guess. 

I am not sure if anyone wants to hear about love but I am going to let you know about my love of sports.  You might be wondering about my girlfriends and one night stands  but I tend to leave girls out of the blog more for their sake than anything. I Jason Neering am addicted to sports.  This past weekend, I went to Denver to visit my brother and his family and see Braxton, my oldest nephew, get ordained into the Aaronic Priesthood.  I enjoyed the trip and time spent with the family but I had a hard time not knowing what was happening in the sports world.  Even though I do not have ESPN at home, it was hard to be without the internet and local sports for the 4 days I was in Denver.  I felt like I needed to eat chocolate to suppress the anxiety and I did and lots of it.  I must say though that I enjoy my addiction to sports and because of that I will probably fail at any attempts to overcome my addiction.  While in Denver I did get a chance to play some sports.  I played tennis with my older brothers and enjoyed beating them at that.  Stephen really wanted to score a point on me but try as he did he just couldn't do it.  Next year I guess.   I also got a good workout jumping each of my nieces and nephews on the trampoline while getting sprayed with water and whatever else they could use to harrass me.

This past weekend in Denver I discovered what my nephews and nieces really think of me.  Abby told me that I am more like an older brother than an uncle.  My other nephew Daniel thinks I am more like his friend slave than an uncle.  and as for the rest of them, they think that I am incapable since I am still not married.  and they are never shy to let me know it.  It is good to have a family especially one that possesses many nieces and nephews that say it how it is such as I have.

Recently I acquired a CD that talks about personality colors.  I discovered that I am mostly blue with some white.   Being Blue means that I am purposeful and desire intimacy, if I cannot connect with you then why talk to you.  I am picky about those who I choose to get close to.  I also care and have a strong sense of responsibility.  I  am a tough competitor and am strongly loyal and put an importance on commitments. I have a strong sense of moral integrity.  I am emotional and have a hard time forgiving others, I hold grudges.  I am self-righteous and am too serious and I like security.   I  know now that it isn't my fault that I can't stands Reds, I was just born that way.  Reds are selfish and arrogant and very logical.  If something is not to their advantage then they don't do it.  It is hard for me to understand how they put reason and things that are to their advantage over caring for other people or hurting feelings.  I am attracted to yellows apparently,  yellows are the happy people who thrive off of doing what brings them the most excitement.  yellows are less reliable though and a bit off the wall all the time and have a hard time keeping commitments.  I am actually attracted to yellows but they drive me nuts at the same time.  I have never dated a red, I wonder what that is like?  I can see fireworks there.  Blue people have unrealistic expectations for themselves and others.  Whites are the quiet peace lovers who don't seek attention.  I have white in me, I was probably born white but now have become more blue.  Red and Yellows are foreign to me.    Now you all know who I am, don't judge me!
A few days ago the bishopric came over to visit my widow mother.  My home ward bishop is African American and as they conversed my mother told them about a job that I had in the past and she said that they worked me like a slave.  After saying slave my mother became very nervous and awkward thinking that she may have offended the bishop. Also, my mother seemed to handle the idea that my brother would not let her help drive to Denver because he thinks her driving is scary.  I am also grateful that my brother would not let my mother drive. 

On an ending note, as I was driving through Wyoming on my way to Denver I decided that Wyoming is not as ugly as it seems.  I was able to find beauty and interesting objects to look at as I drove through the flat dirt land.  Because of this, I have decided that you can find beauty in anything.  So when you look at yourself in the mirror, think to yourself "I am beautiful surely more beautiful than Wyoming." 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Living in my Mother's Basement: Wk 7 Off the wall Madness

This is my "winning" nature shot.  It adds color to the blog.
Hello Hello Hello!   I have a couple of stories to share with you this week.  I will start with the story I title, "My Dogs Are Messing With Me."  I have two dogs named Reggie and Lexi, they are Little Schnauzers( the annoying variety).  On occasion, the two of them are also known to pee around the house (I just have to throw that out there).  A week and a half ago I kept waking up during the night and smelling a horrible smell.  I was too tired to do anything about it and I figured that it was probably just my arm pit smell finally seeping into the sheets.  So the next morning after waking up I decided to wash the sheets, when I pulled the sheets off I saw a yellow stain that was big and round and  right where my head laid the entire night before.  At first, I was scared that maybe I had wet the bed during the night but then I decided that the pee stain was to high up the bed for me to have done it.  So I then proceeded to wash my sheets and shampoo the mattress to get rid of the wretched smell.

A few days ago I get up, go upstairs, and eat breakfast and read my scriptures, I then went back to my room to grab my gym clothes, upon entering my room the first thing I notice is a big pee stain in the middle of my bed.  It got me wondering if i had developed an embarrassing  problem.  I proceeded to check myself to see if I was wet, luckily I was dry.  I suppose that was a good sign.  The thing about it is that when I went upstairs my dogs were both on the couch and when I came back downstairs they were both still there looking as if they had never moved.  They are so soo sneaky.  I know they did it though, probably the both of them with the size of stain they left.  So I had to go and clean all my sheets once again.  It was Great!  Every morning now I wake up nervous and check the bed. Dang Dogs!

Story number two is shorter.  A couple of nights ago I was downstairs working on something with my headphones on.  All of a sudden I heard a noise that sounded like the doorbell.  So I went upstairs to check the door and sure enough someone was at the door.  It was like 9:45 PM and dark outside and both my mom and I were quite conflicted as to who might be at the door.  The person at the door was an old man.  He said he was 75 and then proceed to show me a kitchen knife.  The knife looked decent, it was a smaller sandwich cutting knife like they use at subway.  He said that the knife was Swiss army made, but I am skeptical about that.  He offered the knife for $10.  Whenever I would speak to him he would turn his ear and say,"speak up I have bad ears I am an old man."   I felt bad for the man and would have bought a knife but I honestly did not have $10 on me and I would have asked my mom if she wanted a knife but I knew that she would much rather just get the old man off the porch.  So I took his phone number and name.  For anyone interested in a very nice $10 somewhat iffy kitchen knife with lots of potential, please call Stan at 801-403-7103.  I am sure that he would appreciate it.

Okay so I really have a third story which involves my mother.  The other day I was with a friend at which time I received a text from my mom which read, "is all well? " I then replied "yep, all is well."  The next morning when I talked to my mom, she gave me an explanation for the text.  Apparently, knowing that my friend and I were going out to the wildlife refuge, she began to worry that we might get robbed or shot.  So, the caring mother she is she sent a text message to make sure I survived my visit to the wildlife refuge area.  I guess a couple had been shot at a lake recently and she thought that my friend and I might be next.  It is nice to have a mother. 

Today is Fathers Day, I think of my father often but I have not so much today.  I have actually thought more about my brothers for some reason.  I have two great older brothers who happen to also be great fathers!  If I can become close to what they are someday I would be very pleased with myself.  I am amazed at there patience, work ethic, and kindness.  I hope that they feel appreciated and know how cool they are.

I recently changed up my blog appearance.  I do not like it quite yet and so I will probably change it again.  I am not much of a designer.  I need to find a Utah Jazz background or something.  Anyways, friends you are great!  I am very lucky when it comes to having friends!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Living in my Mother's Basement: Wk 6 Keep on Keepin On

The weather has finally turned a corner, it is nice to see the sun and to feel its warmth on my skin again. Seeing how I still have not found a job I could technically bask in the sunshine all day everyday. Take that all you workers out there/mothers! It is cool to not have a job, but remember it is even more cool to live in your Mother's Basement.

At times it seems difficult to not have the security of a job, money, or any idea of what the future might bring. It causes my soul to be a bit antsy each day. The exciting thing about it I guess is that tomorrow might bring a new adventure or maybe the next day. I am not necessarily stuck in the same job day after day with no end in sight. I will get there some day though and I will like it! My position in life is most likely different from yours, but it may be the same. Everyone goes through different phases in life, that is life and it is great. I am not sure how long this phase will last but it is moving along nicely. I will enjoy it until life changes again as it seems to always do, especially when you allow it too.

When I decided to move back to Layton, all be it into my mother's basement, I did it because it felt right even though I knew that I may not find a job quickly. Even at this point I do not regret my decision. I have been presented with new challenges, new friends, and strengthened relationships with friends and family. At this time in my life, being here is where I will grow the most and become more of the person that I am meant to be. I am guessing by this time next year that I will be ready to take over for Tyrone Corbin as the new coach of the Utah Jazz. Just sayin! Don't laugh it will happen!

For those wondering what I have been doing with my life for the past two weeks, I will tell you. I have been exercising when I can, practicing the piano, searching for jobs, attending church functions, taking daily naps, eating anything and everything that I can find, visiting family and friends, texting once or twice a week in response to somebody's text messages, reading, and watching So You Think You Can Dance. I don't know if you all have seen this show, but I like it. The girls are very good looking but that is not the reason I like the show, well it is but it isn't. I like the show because it is entertaining, the dancing is actually good(unlike another dancing show on TV) and the way those dancers move is ridiculous. I try to convince myself that it is similar to watching a sport on TV. For one thing it is a competition and for another it takes a lot of physical skill to dance as they do and you never know what the outcome of the competition is going to be until it happens.

This weekend I went up to Logan and visited some friends before going to Downata Hot Springs with some more friends and then with friends to a friend's cabin. I like the word friends, it makes me feel good inside. Downata Hot Springs, if you do not know what this place is you should, it is a hot spring swimming pool with water slides and a camping resort located somewhere out in the boonies near Malad Idaho. The place is literally an oasis in a farmers field. The water is always warm so any season you can go and swim. I have been there in the summer and I have been there in the winter. I usually do a tummy performance when I go to the pool but I forgot this time. Sorry Jalayne and Cha Cha.

To give you an update on my exercising, I am still exercising but it is starting to get boring. That is what I have decided. I will keep trudging along though because it is good for me. I will throw in some activities such as hiking here and there. In fact, last week I was going to hike for a little ways and then find a spot to read my book, but as I was going I could not stop and so I just kept hiking to the top, I had FGS (Forrest Gump Syndrome). I hiked Adams Canyon and enjoyed it, I took pictures along the way of nature and my face and I saw a snake and some squirrels. I tried to take their pictures but they would not cooperate.

My mother has been nice to me lately, she does not bug me about being a bum as she should. I have found that the key is that if I am continually doing something she does not bother me but if I am just sitting and thinking she thinks I am bored. The thing is that I am always bored it is just that there are different levels of boredom. Sometimes I reach the state of staring at the wall boredom. I see nothing wrong with that. Well, I did before but not now, I think of it as intense pondering. So on a final note, if someone asks you what you are thinking as they will inevitably do, respond by saying "I am intensely pondering... your beauty, my basketball shot, dinner I just ate" whatever it is they will take your response more seriously. So don't shy away from that, just take it straight on.

Have fun friends and Choose the Right because then you will be happy!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Living in my Mother's Basement: Wk 5 Special Edition on daytime TV

Alright boys and girls, here is the most useful list out there of any sort. It is my daytime TV list that I have so graciously prepared for each and every one of you. Now you may be wondering why this is relevant to you? Well stop thinking that. It just is, okay.

So here we go, first up is Morning Shows. I rated this list along with the rest of the lists from best to worst.

1. The Today Show NBC; This is my favorite because nobody can beat Matt Lauer, I mean nobody. My favorite shows are when they have, Where in the World is Matt Lauer. Love it! I am not much of a fan of Al Roker though, I liked him better when he was fat.

2. Good Morning America ABC; No comparison to the Today Show, they have a Matt Lauer wannabe but he just does not cut it.

3. The Early Show CBS; It is the Early Show, nobody watches it. I do not even know what to say about it. The Early Show just sounds bad, depressing really. I hate waking up early.

Second on the list is game shows. I want to be a millionaire so stinkin bad!

1. The Price is Right CBS 9AM; This is the best game show ever, even without Bob Barker. Someday I will be jumping like a mad man on stage hugging Drew Carey and then knocking the hot models out of the way as I race to climb in my new car!

2. Let’s Make a Deal CBS 11AM; the show is weird, but the host is funny. Everyone in the audience dresses up like it is Halloween every day. Again, weird.

3. Family Feud CW30 10AM; this is a classic game show that never dies, why will it not die!

4. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ABC 4PM; I like it, but no one ever wins the million. What’s up with that. Come on Meredith! Show us the money!

Next on the list is Talk Shows(this is where home schooled kids learn about life).

1. Ellen Degeneres ABC 3PM; Ellen Degeneres is the best! She is fun, entertaining, and always makes you laugh. Everyone is happy on her show and it keeps me coming for more. Her dancing is not bad either, at least it makes me feel better about my own dancing skills.

2. Rachael Ray NBC 10AM; Rachael is also cool, I learn how to cook from her.

3. Dr. Oz FOX 10AM and 4PM; Because of Dr. OZ I now know how important it is to get a colonoscopy. Thanks Dr. OZ, I am on it.

4. Nate Berkus NBC 3PM; I am not sure about Nate, he seems like a cool guy but you look at his audience and it is chalk full of women. If he is not gay than he is something else. I need to learn his secret for sure and quick.

5. The View ABC 11PM; I like this show mostly because of the blonde, Elizabeth. Too bad she is married. She is also the reason that I watched Survivor season 2. Don’t judge me. The rest of the ladies seem nice I just don’t like them like that.

6. The Talk CBS 2PM; A rip off version of The View without the blonde. Stupid! They need a blonde.

7. Dr. Phil CBS 3 PM; Dr Phil was hip 5 years ago, but now it is like watching Maury, the same thing day after day.

8. Maury CBS; If you like paternity tests, this is the show for you.

9. Oprah is over; Yea!!!

10. Doctors ABC 9AM; I watched part of this show a couple of times, creepy! It is like they just threw 4 or 5 random odd ducks together and then told them to talk about our inner most bodily functions. Stick to Dr OZ for that stuff.

Now on to my favorite shows ever! Judge shows!

1. Judge Judy FOX 4PM; You can’t beat the original. When I think of judge shows she will always be the one that I think of. She is fierce, gets to the point, and says it how it is. In a way she kinda of reminds me of another favorite of mine, Dr. Laura for those who know who she is.

2. Judge Joe Brown FOX 2PM; Well I think I like him because he is black.

3. Peoples court KJZZ 3PM; You get to hear what the people think.

4. Swift Justice With Nancy Grace KJZZ 11PM; She judges people over the internet like something straight out of Las Vegas.

5. Judge Alex FOX 1PM; His eyes scare me!

6. Judge Karen CW30 10:30AM; She is on CW 30, she must be bad.

7. Divorce Court CW30 12PM; CW 30 and worse than judge Karen.

8. Judge Jeanine Pirro CW30 11AM; CW 30

Well I have one more list for you which is what I call, Normal Shows.

1. Matlock KJZZ 1PM; This is the best show on TV. It is mysterious, super suspenseful, and involves people getting thrown into jail each and every day. If you watch one show during the day I suggest Matlock! It is my favorite.

2. Little house on the Prairie KBYU 6PM; Good wholesome TV. Every time I watch it I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This show makes me want to live out in the boonies.

3. I love Lucy 2.2 3PM; Classic show that always makes me smile. I do love Lucy.

4. Law and Order SVU KJZZ 2PM; This show is for the serious minded souls. Lots of death, crying, and intense sequences.

5. The Brady Bunch KBYU 5:30PM; This show is good, I am just jealous that they had a maid to cook and clean for them. Dang Lazy Punks!

To make sure that my mom made the blog I asked her what her favorite daytime TV show is and she responded Channel 2 morning news, mostly because of Casey. Lame, but then she said that she also likes Matlock! Atta Baby!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my daytime TV lists.You are all now prepared to venture into the daily life of having nothing to do. TV is important at times like these, without the knowledge that I have just provided, you would be but a lost soul drifting endlessly without direction or guidance. So the next time you have a day off, or have just got fired from your job, remember you can survive! Remember the list of all lists! It will get you through! Enjoy your week peeps!